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Home Renovation in St Louis MO

5 Home Renovation Tips For Avoiding Costly Home Remodeling Mistakes

B.B. Contracting Helps Homeowners With All Remodeling Projects


All too often, homeowners make a valiant attempt to tackle big home remodeling projects on their own. What might seem easy while attending a big-box retailer seminar or watching a few online videos, can be much more complex. When it comes to home renovation, St. Louis MO homeowners have trusted the skilled craftsmanship of B.B. Contracting for 30 years. When you need a home renovation contractor, turn to B.B. Contracting for the planning and skills to bring your remodeling projects ideas to life.

Here’s a closer look at 5 common mistakes homeowners make during a home remodeling project.

  1. Budgeting and Planning

Homeowners often underestimate the costs of a home renovation project. There’re are few worse feelings than starting a project, only to run out of money before the work is completed. In addition, purchasing materials requires a clear projection of how much is needed. When you underestimate what’s needed or make a mistake when it comes to flooring, paint, cabinetry, and other items, it can be difficult if not impossible to match if additional supplies are needed.

There are also smaller costs that need to be factored in to a home contracting project, including permit fees, sales tax, delivery or shipping charges, interest payments, and water or sewer tap fees.

  1. Not Doing the Permit Paperwork

Most home renovation projects require specific permits from local building inspection offices. These requirements are in place whether you do the work yourself or not. Each municipality has its own requirements and processes. Not adhering to these guidelines could result in fines or difficulty when you ultimately decide to sell your home. With a qualified home renovation contractor like B.B. Contracting, St. Louis MO residents can be assured that permitting is done properly with professionals with well-established relationships with municipal offices and inspectors.

  1. Expecting to Profit

Many homeowners believe a remodel will add thousands of dollars to their resale value. The reality is that projects will add, at best, a fraction of the total cost of the project to your home’s value. This percentage can be meaningful, but renovations should be done primarily to enhance how you and your loved ones use your home today.

  1. Not Sticking With a Plan

You need to make a plan, talk it through, and stick to it. Making dramatic changes midway through a home renovation can be costly, whether you’re doing it yourself or using a home renovation contactor.

  1. Understanding the Tradeoffs

When you embark on a home renovation project, there will inevitably be tradeoffs. Cost, function, value and quality all are variable and will play into nearly every decision you make. Going for high-quality products is wonderful but will likely increase the overall price. Similarly, less-expensive items may not last as long or have all the functionality you desire.

Weighing all these factors is complicated. At B.B. Contracting, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs, preferences and budget for each customer. We work hard to understand what you need and provide you with options that will make you happy and fully satisfied when we’re finished. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the results we deliver. If you are looking for home renovation in St Louis MO, contact B.B. Contracting at (314) 249-4224.

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