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custom home remodeling

Custom Home Remodeling St Louis Mo

5 Reasons to Consider Custom Home Remodeling for Summer

B.B. Contracting & Remodeling Services Offers Expert Services and Experienced Builders

When it comes to custom home remodeling, St. Louis, MO homeowners trust B.B. Contracting & Remodeling Services to create beautiful solutions. Whether it’s one room, such as a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, or a complete home remodeling endeavor, count on our decades of experience, fine work and commitment to excellence.
Here are 5 reasons why you should think about custom home remodeling this summer in St. Louis, MO.
1. Remodeling Adds New Functionality
You may find yourself living in an older home with fixtures and appliances from days gone by. A home remodeling project can transform the way your home functions. This is particularly important for those who are thinking about staying in their homes well into their golden years. A home remodel can help create the accessibility standards to make living in your home easier as you and your loved ones get older.
2. Remodeling Adds Home Value
Home remodeling can add significant resale value to your property. New flooring, larger rooms, better functionality, new appliances and fixtures and a fresh look give your home more appeal to would-be buyers. Whether you’re planning to sell soon or in the near future, custom home remodeling or kitchen remodeling can add to more offers closer to your asking price.
3. Remodeling Is Affordable
Sometimes, when homeowners decide they’re tired of their existing home, they choose to buy a new one. But the costs associated with finding a home in a neighborhood that the family likes, hiring movers and going through the hassle of packing and unpacking are significant. Save the strain on you and your checkbook by choosing to remodel your home instead. You’ll have a fresh new look in your living space without the costs and aggravation of finding a new house, selling your old one, and moving.
4. Remodeling Helps Resolve Minor Issues
During a custom home remodeling project, you can take care of all those minor repairs, dislikes or unsightly issues in your home at once. With a trained and skilled crew on your property, you’ll be able to tackle all those small, nagging issues you have been putting off. And fixing those issues while they are minor helps to stave off major, more costly repairs later.
5. Remodeling Gives You Choices
When you start a remodeling project with B.B. Contracting & Remodeling Services, you’ll have access to our talented team to help you think through various options. We offer free in-home estimates and design consultations. We have more than 30 years of experience serving St. Louis area homeowners.
We listen to each of our clients to understand their needs, dreams and budgets. We suggest different options that help you create the home you’ve always wanted to live in.
We are a proud two-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. We offer custom home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement contracting, deck building and room additions. If you are looking for a Custom Home Remodeling contractor in St. Louis MO, contact the experts at B.B. Contracting.

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