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kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

How to Choose the Kitchen Remodeling Designs To Suit Your Style

B.B. Contracting Offers Experienced Designers, Craftsmen to Create and Complete Your New Space


A kitchen remodeling project can inject new form, function, beauty and appliances into your kitchen. Homeowners deciding to undertake a remodeling project in St. Louis, MO need a kitchen remodeling contractor they can trust. At B.B. Contracting, our expert teams help guide homeowners through the process and many important choices that need to be made to create the dream kitchens of tomorrow.

With so many choices available, a kitchen remodeling project can be a bit overwhelming.  Planning with your kitchen remodeling contractor can take away a lot of the stress. Here’s how to choose the kitchen remodeling designs to suit your style.

  • Know Your Space. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish in your St. Louis, MO remodel. Are you looking for more or less space or storage? Are your cabinets in the wrong place or dated? Are you looking for different built-ins or appliances? Be ready to share your must-have, could-be-nice and if-we-have-the-budget items. You’ll know the space better than anyone else!
  • Know Your Budget. Make sure you have a firm sense as to how much you can spend. Designers know how to make lots of different budget numbers work, but you need to be straight with them in order to find the right design solution.
  • Do Your Research. The website and furnishings stores are full of ideas. Do some information-gathering before you meet with your designer to find out what the possibilities are that you want to consider.
  • Be Open. You know your space, budget and preferences. That’s a great start. Your kitchen designer will have experience and insights into solutions, materials, vendors and features you may not have considered. Let them help you come up with a great kitchen design.
  • How Is It Used? No two kitchens are used the same way. Ask yourself the following questions to help bring clarity to your kitchen redesign.
    • How many chefs use the kitchen? Do they use it at the same time? Are they adults or children? Are you a sole practitioner?
    • How do you like to cook and entertain? Is the kitchen your oasis? Are you a serious foodie who revels in the preparation and experimentation? Or are you more functional, needing to get the kids and partners and pets fed and get on with your day?
    • How is the kitchen used? Is it the hub of activity? Is there a dine-in table or do you eat in a separate space? Is it a place for homework, television or office work?
    • What’s your greatest luxury item? Is it a massive six-burner stove, a refrigerator that’s smarter than your smartphone or a computer station where kids can surf the web while I monitor activity?

At B.B. Contacting, we’ve been helping create beautiful kitchen designs for 30 years. Our trained designers and craftsmen pride themselves on creating great partnerships (and friendships!) with our customers. Count on B.B. Contracting for custom kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions or other construction needs.

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