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custom home remodeling st louis mo

Custom Home Remodeling

Custom Home Remodeling Tips for All Seasons

B.B. Contracting Helps Homeowners Transform Homes


St. Louis MO area homeowners looking for home remodeling services should consider budget, planning, and materials when starting a project. Custom home remodeling is a big undertaking, and with a few careful considerations, can be a seamless transition to the space you’ve always wanted. At B.B. Contracting, we help customers with home renovation projects of all types and sizes, from a kitchen or bathroom, remodel or a full home remodel.

Here are a few tips for custom home remodeling in St. Louis MO.

  • Set Your Priorities. Start out by prioritizing the rooms and the features in each room that you feel are most in need of a change. Think about what’s needed in the present and in the coming years. Doing so helps you, and your contractor tackle a home remodeling project with a clear idea of what’s most important.
  • Talk About Materials. There’s really no aspect of home renovation where there are no options regarding the materials you can choose. Floors, countertops, fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and paints come in different styles, finishes, and colors. Work with your contractor to understand your options and how they factor into the budget.
  • Customize Within Reason. There’s a reason it’s called custom home remodeling. It’s your opportunity to think differently and boldly about the space you live in. Your vision is important … and so is context. Be sure to have a sense as to homes in your neighborhood and the impact (positively or negatively) on your planned renovations on the ease and price of resale.
  • Set a Budget. Having a realistic sense of your custom home remodeling budget is an essential step. You want to be sure to hold back some dollars for unanticipated issues or problems that may arise when floors get pulled up or beams are exposed.
  • Know the Disruptions. No matter what the renovation project, there will be some disruption to routine. Workers will be in your home, it’s going to get noisy and dusty, and some areas may be out of action for days or even weeks at a time. Make sure you have a clear sense as to the timeline your contractor is using and plan accordingly for when rooms will not easily be accessible.
  • More Is Not Better. There’s a temptation among some homeowners to want more and more out of the renovation project. The reality is that while there are many options, you don’t need to use them all. Will your family really use that breakfast nook? Do you really need to expand all of the kids’ bedrooms? Use discretion to avoid scope creep in your project.
  • Stick to the Plan. You’ve developed a thoughtful, affordable and practical home renovation plan. You have a great contractor as a partner. While no custom home remodeling project ever goes exactly as planned, resist the temptation to change much, if anything, unless the situation requires it. Even seemingly minor changes can disrupt much of the workflow and outcomes.

At B.B. Contracting, we help homeowners achieve their custom home remodeling dreams. With expert craftsmen and years of experience, count on our team to help reimagine your home.

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